Oula Fusion is the act of melting two or three Oula formats together to create a magical whole. The classes are a union of sitting and standing songs that come from One, Power and Oula. Oftentimes the themed classes invite both the introspection and the exertion to help fully feel and move through different energies through poses, dancing and stillness.

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  • Fusion | 8.26.20 | Rosy

    Fusion~ Butt Burst or as Olaf said, "Watch out for my Butt!" You will really “feel” this 35 min fusion cardio/butt burst workout! The lead in songs will give you a BUTT-load of attitude, getting you ready for the “I’m the BOSS” section. Enjoy!

    1. Dissolve (release XVII)
    2. bad guy (...

  • Fusion | 8.12.20 | Rosy

    “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.” ~ Desmond tutu. This 35 minute playlist will lift your spirits and make your heart sing.Always remember, that each and every sunrise literally marks the beginning of a new day. It reminds us that we can start fresh with...

  • Fusion | 8.5.20 | Rosy

    This 30 min. Fusion class is called, LOVE~ Say it Again! It is my hope that this playlist fills your heart with so much love, joy, and kindness that it has no other choice but to burst out of your soul and into the universe....

    I Love Me
    Love Make the World Go Round
    Only ...

  • Fusion | 7.22.20 | Rosy

    Fusion #allure~ a 37 minute playlist! Allure~ my new favorite word! It means the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive and fascinating. That describes ALL of us! Enjoy the softness of your curves as it moves with this music and feel your beautiful body become strong! This is a...

  • Fusion | 7.29.20 | Rosy

    Besides highlighting the amazing emotional and psychological benefits of OULA, Mama Rose loves the opportunity to focus on functional fitness for better flexibility, balance, grace, strength, endurance and agility. She finds alternatives and creates options to suit your current level of physicali...

  • Fusion | 6.10.20 | Rosy

    This weeks 35 min playlist is dedicated to everyone who needs to be heard. One of our deepest longings- is we want to be heard. This is especially true, when we are suffering. This is your safe place. So~ Hit the high notes, have a voice, let me hear you roar. All are welcome to this house of lov...