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Watch this video and more on Oula Online Studio

Oula One | June 2020 | Rosy



  • Oula One | 1.23.21 | Amanda

    Oula One XXII. The Savasana is When I Let Go by Fay Wildhagen and Ane Brun. The class was recorded on a Saturday afternoon when I was feeling particularly dark and heavy in spirit. This class was a place to be with all of my sad feelings and slowly, gently let them go.

    Hunger of the Pi...

  • Oula One | 1.13.21 | Andrea & Robyn

    Robyn and Andrea have found team teaching to be even more rewarding then teaching alone…and especially during a global pandemic! They became friends because of Oula and have been bubbled ever since! When not moving their minds and bodies, they enjoy other bubbles - the champagne kind! Because l...

  • Oula One | 1.10.21 | Christina

    Oula One XXIII. The Savasana is I am Light by India Arie. Description: "The intention of the class is self love. For me, release 23 brings to the surface the darkness that may enter our minds and bodies from time to time that we tend to hide from others and even ourselves. It is in these dark mom...