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Watch this video and more on Oula Online Studio

Watch this video and more on Oula Online Studio

Power | 6.6.20 | Emilie



  • OULA | 5.31.20 | Christina

    This class is one hour for you to take whatever you need and leave the rest behind. This is a space for you to feel sexy, strong, hopeful, sad, empowered, or any other emotion you need or what to express. Thanks for dancing with me and remember that there is always a place for YOU in OULA!

  • Oula.One | 5.30.20 | Rosy

    This 30 minute Gentle Oula.One playlist is designed to reduce stress. We focus on deep breathing and the moves are designed to release tension in our necks, shoulders, back and hips.

    From Release XXI
    1. Color In Your Heart
    2. Where the Shadow Ends
    3. Out her Side of Paradise
    9. Amen

  • OULA | 5.29.20 | Tina

    Thankful we have OULA! Minneapolis and St Paul are my hometown cities that is in turmoil currently. In times of uncertainty I reached out for peace. In this playlist I began with hope and ended in hope...take care of yourself and send prayers this way for peace and justice.
    ((H)) Tina