Oula (45m) | 4.17.21 | Carrie

Oula (45m) | 4.17.21 | Carrie

Carrie fell madly in love with Oula 3 years ago, and has been teaching for 2.5 years in Boise, ID. Carrie welcomes ALL levels to her classes by starting with this offering:
Welcome to Oula where you can be free...
You can just be you, and I’ll just be me.
You can laugh, you can sing, you can scream, cry, swear, shout...
Whatever you are feeling today just let it all out.
This is a safe space, it is a judge FREE zone...
So if you want to go there, you won’t go it alone.
Please don’t worry about getting the moves right....
just be safe in your body, and keep that core tight.
Most importantly!!! Oula is not about how it looks, it’s about HOW IT FEELS!!!!!
So, just let go, have fun, be sexy, be salty, angry, sad, extra.
It’s about to get realssssss.

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Oula (45m) | 4.17.21 | Carrie

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