These videos come out with every single new song release. Here you will learn why certain moves were chosen to help us more deeply experience the story and move it through our bodies. You will also learn how to break down more tricky moves, find modifications, and learn the song and dance so when it comes on in your Oula class you feel as though you already know it!

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  • Give Meaning to the Movement | 2 Be Loved

    2 Be Loved- Lizzo
    High-energy heart opener with a healthy touch of introspection ❤️

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Headphones

    Headphones- Banx & Ranx & Reve
    Cool, confident, upbeat, and bold – you’re a standout in the crowd dancing to the beat in your headphones.

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Glitter and Gold

    Glitter and Gold- Imen Siar
    An uplifting and positive message to take negative thoughts and spin them into something positive!

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Bassa Sababa

    Bassa Sababa - Netta
    You are a fierce, gorgeous RHINO!!

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Do What I Do

    Do What I Do (KHS Remix) - Lady Bri & Kurt Hugo Schneider

    Balances strength and sexiness 🔥

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | W.I.T.C.H

    W.I.T.C.H- Devon Cole
    Sassy and empowering!

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Special

    Special- Lizzo

    This song is about mutual support and is a reminder that none of us have walked in another's shoes.

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Queen

    Queen- Hidden Citizen, Rayna
    Confidence, self-assuredness, sexiness, and bad-assery.

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Head Up

    Head up- the Score
    Determined, angsty, and aggressive!

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Don't You Worry

    Don't You Worry-Black Eyed Peas, Shakira, and David Guetta
    Lighthearted and confident! A few minutes to grant ourselves permission to be ourselves.

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | What A Night

    What A Night- Flo Rida
    This song is full of celebration and confident vibes!

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Dancing on Dangerous

    Dancing on Dangerous- Imanbek, Sean Paul, Sofia Reyes
    A short and sweet song...One verse and one chorus then it repeats!

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Chasing Rainbows

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Move to the Music

    Move to the Music by Busy Signal and Oryane is a high cardio song. Hopefully this feels so fun that we forget we are doing Cardio! We've got some classic Oula movements here as well.

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Hell and High Water

    The new conditioning track, Hell and High Water by Major Lazer (feat. Alesia Carter) has a fiery vibe. There is also a sense of perseverance coupled with a calm and steady beat. We move methodically and with confidence. You'll turn up the heat with some lunges, squats, and arm work. Find the spot...

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Slidin

    The new warm-up, Slidin' by Jason Derulo is a simple, sexy, and playful start to class. Waiting for things we badly want is SO hard. Crank it up and let em' know you just can't wait any longer.

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Hold My Hand - Special Release

    Hold My Hand by Lady Gaga is a special release in response to the heaviness and the tragedies of recent weeks. It is meant to conclude emotionally charged classes, and it packs a little more intensity than the average Cool Down.

    Lady Gaga is singing to someone in search of comfort. Most of us c...

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Tick Tick Boom

    This week's High Cardio song Tick Tick Boom by Sage the Gemini (feat. BygTwo3) is short, so there is no time to ease into it! "We gettin'rowdy..." seems like the perfect thing to sing/shout along with during class. That's a great time to get goofy, share smiles, and express the message that we a...

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | 21 Reasons

    This week's High Cardio, 21 Reasons by Nathan Dawe (feat. Ella Henderson) has some lovey vibes, some sexy vibes, and some frustration. When I listen to the lyrics, I imagine myself or someone else weight the pros and cons of a relationship and returning to the good parts.

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | I Got You

    This week's cool down, I Got You by Michael Franti & Spearhead is light and summery. A lot of love with a dash of playfulness and sexiness. Of course, the song has a romantic, lovey feel, but we can use the lyrics, "I got you..." as a medium for connection. Sing it out as a reminder of the connec...

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Art of Survival

    This week's Transition Down, Art of Survival by Bishop Briggs is a higher intensity transition down, so most likely it will fit best immediately following Cardio.

    This song is an ode to the self who finds a way to survive as well as an anthem for breaking out of merely surviving. At times the mu...

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Plastic Hearts

    This week's Transition Up, Plastic Hearts by Miley Cyrus is confident with some hints of frustration and solid undertones of sexiness. This song has some serious rockstar vibes. You can imagine you're the rockstar, but the regular rockstar parties aren't cutting it, and you're on the hunt for mor...

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Read my Lips

    In this week's Transition Up, Read My Lips by Inna, Farina is sexy, confident, and mysterious.

    Have fun with this one! The sexy hold right after, "Read my lips..." is a great moment to share a devlish grin with someone else in the room.

  • Give Meaning to the Movement | Chasing Stars

    This week's Conditioning track, Chasing Stars by Alesso & Marshmello (feat. James Bay) is a celebration of all of the complications of love. It's beautiful, it's hard, and when given the choice, most of us would go through all of the complications again just to feel it. There are lots of chances ...