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  • Oula One XXXV 35(60min) | 6.19.24 I Jobyna

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    Happy Juneteenth and Happy Pride, Loves! Link to this playlist below! Our final relaxation songs: The Returner by Allison Russell followed by Wildflower and Barley by Hozier and (again!) Allison Russell.
    Be well, beaut...

  • Oula One 35 XXXV(60min) l 6.30.24 l Jenna

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    "I feel like at this point if I unclench my jaw and relax my shoulders I will probably dissolve like cotton candy in the rain". ~ Sooz

    Our Oula One practice will have us unclenching and relaxing so here's to the art and beauty of dissolving.

    Release XXXV:

    All a Bit Too Loud - Tom Rosenthal

  • Oula(30min) | 6.17.24 | Carrie

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    Carrie fell madly in love with Oula in 2017, and has been teaching in Boise, ID in 2018. Carrie welcomes ALL levels to her classes by starting with this offering:
    Welcome to Oula where you can be free...
    You can just be you, and I’ll just be me.
    You can laugh, you can sing, you can scream, cry, s...

  • Power(60min) | 6.18.24 | Emilie

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    6.18.24 Playlist:
    Retail Therapy
    Last One Standing
    The Motto
    All Day and Night

    Do It Better (feat. Zoe Wees)
    King of Hearts
    Green & Gold
    Nonstop (feat. KIDDO)

    Money On The Dash
    Life’s Too Short

    In 2016, Emilie was teaching a HIIT class and decided to stick aro...