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  • Fusion | 8.5.20 | Rosy

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    This 30 min. Fusion class is called, LOVE~ Say it Again! It is my hope that this playlist fills your heart with so much love, joy, and kindness that it has no other choice but to burst out of your soul and into the universe....

    I Love Me
    Love Make the World Go Round
    Only ...

  • OULA | 8.4.20 | Christina C.

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    Christina started taking OULA classes and found not only a fitness class she loved but her voice, self-love, and a community. She loves a good story whether that is creating a new one for herself or hearing about someone else’s. Her OULA classes tell a story and provide a space for you to feel sa...

  • OULA | 8.3.20 | Chelle

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    A 1/2 hour to tap into all of the BIG Feelings we have right now.

    Take You Dancing
    Want U Back
    Kings & Queens
    Joan of Arc
    Lose Yourself
    I Believe that We Will Win
    Don't Give Up On Me
    She'd Say

  • Oula.One XXII | 8.3.20 | Kali

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    Kali Lindner is the owner and founder of OULA Fitness. Her style encourages you to dig deep physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for a cathartic and energetically charged experience. Kali's classes will make you feel alive and free!

    Hunger of the Pine
    Your Love...