Live Classes

Live Classes

There is something magical that happens when people come together energetically at the same time to share in a collective experience. It doesn't matter where in the world you are... at home in the basement, in a hotel room on a work trip, at the beach on your vacation. OULA will meet you where you are at. And so will your community. Our live classes are taught by instructors all around the country so that you can join in the dance, in the moment, in the magic... wherever you are.

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Live Classes
  • Tues 7.14 NOON MST | 45min OULA w/Bernice

    Bernice is a mom, wife, business owner, mental health counselor, and always the funniest person in the room. So much of OULA is about an embrace of contrasts, an exploration of the shadow and the light. Bernice embodies this. She is a youthful grandmother. A sarcastic wise woman. An empowerin...

  • Tues 7.14 7:30p MST | Oula.One w/Julie

    Julie has been on a lifelong quest to understand the deeper meaning of life and her relationship to Spirit. Having traveled and lived all around the world, her energy is compassionate, inquisitive and empathetic. Her classes are a somatic healing experience where you can show up and feel safe to...

  • Wed 7.15 5:00p MST | OULA w/Amanda

    Amanda was at a low point in her life when a friend invited her to her first OULA class, and right away she was hooked on OULA's dynamic choreography and positive message. A teacher at heart, she believes in the power of stepping outside of your comfort zone, claiming your space, and being loud. ...

  • Thurs 7.16 NOON MST | 45min OULA w/Kali

    Kali Lindner is the owner and founder of OULA Fitness. Her style encourages you to dig deep physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for a cathartic and energetically charged experience. Kali's classes will make you feel alive and free!

  • Thurs 7.16 5:00p MST | Power Express w/Nancy

    Nancy loves sharing the combination of physical strength and psychological empowerment achieved in a Power class, which is why she jumped at the chance to become the Director of OULA-Power. Nancy is driven to create fun, accessible, and effective Power workouts because she truly believes that Pow...