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Watch this video and more on Oula Online Studio

Watch this video and more on Oula Online Studio

Oula (45m) | 4.14.21 | Kali



  • Oula | 4.13.21 | Christina C

    Christina started taking Oula classes and found not only a fitness class she loved but her voice, self-love, and a community. She loves a good story whether that is creating a new one for herself or hearing about someone else’s. Her Oula classes tell a story and provide a space for you to feel sa...

  • Intro to Oula | 4.13.21 | Stacey

    Stacey has been doing Oula for 9 years, and after feeling like a chicken in a blender during her first class she fell in love! Oula gives her space and permission to be loud in voice, laughter, and singing the wrong lyrics. In this class, Stacey will teach you many of the basic moves and all the ...

  • Oula (45m) | 4.13.21 | Bernice

    Bernice is a mom, wife, business owner, mental health counselor, and always the funniest person in the room. So much of Oula is about an embrace of contrasts, an exploration of the shadow and the light. Bernice embodies this. She is a youthful grandmother. A sarcastic wise woman. An empowerin...