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  • Conquer the Move | Therefore I Am

    Therefore I Am by Billie Eilish

  • Conquer the Move | Rise

    Rise by Lost Frequencies.
    The Transition Down tracks are my favorite in Power b/c we've come out the other side of the high cardio track, feeling breathless and challenged, but also strong, capable, and resilient. I hope this new track "Rise" makes you feel that way .
    XO Nancy

  • Conquer the Move | Jalebi Baby

    Jalebi Baby by Tesher & Jason Derulo is our new lower body Power track and it will heat you up 😅 Lots going on in this short track but you'll feel it in the hips for sure!

  • Conquer the Move | Shockwave

    Shockwave by Marshmallo
    It's short, fast, fierce...and I hope you love it

  • Conquer the Move | Go Down Deh

    Go Down Deh(feat. Sean Paul & Shaggy) by Spice.
    This new push up track is all about using that low, steady beat to create a slow burn in the arms and shoulders. Shout out to Andrea for the inspiration behind the 4-point pushup!

  • Conquer the Move | Suda

    Suda (Alternate Version) by Melanie Pfirrman, Pitbull & IAmChino

    This Pitbull-infused Power Warm Up is going to make you suda suda 😅 Plus, there's an extra song in the middle of this playlist so you can shake your booty a little more!

  • Conquer the Move | Dernière Danse

    Dernière Danse by Yves V, Axel Cooper & Shanguy
    Our new Power Cool Down is a French song called "Dernière Danse" or Last Dance and I love the heavy, sultry beat mixed with lyrics that evoke imagery about dancing and flying through the wind and the rain. It's a short song though so don't forget t...

  • Conquer the Move | Boom Boom Pow

    Boom Boom Pow by Zafrir & AfroJack
    I love the combination of moves in this track! Relatively low impact for a Power cardio song but we still get the heart rate up...Boom Boom Pow!!

  • Conquer the Move | Up

    Cardi B knows exactly what she's capable of so let's channel her confidence for this new Ab Track, especially when the going gets tough!

  • Conquer the Move | Really Love

    Our new Track 2 for Power is called "Really Love" and it has a fun mix of moves to get the body warm and start lifting the heart rate. We hope you really love it 😘 !

  • Conquer the Move | Too Much

    I have loved Usher for a long time and I'm so excited to use a song he is featured in for Power! When the hips start to burn just keep telling yourself: There's no such thing as too much...attitude 😘

  • Conquer the Move | No Rest

    "No Rest for the Wicked" is something I often say in my classes (especially when the going gets tough!) so I had to use this song. I love how the lyrics about unapologetically working hard are set to playful and uplifting music. The perfect combination for a Power Warm Up!

    No Rest by Vicetone

  • Conquer the Move | Never Gonna Forget

    Never Gonna Forget (feat. Elderbrook) - Black Coffee & Diplo

  • Conquer the Move | Free

    Free (Party Favor Remix) - Louis the Child, Party Favor & Drew Love
    This one has got it all! Core work, cardio, and the freedom to make it your own. Take your time with the floor work at the end. It’s all about slow strength and moving with intention. And remember, if you rush you’ll just end up...

  • Conquer the Move| So Good

    This one is “so good”…especially for the triceps! Pro tip - Pace yourself because the Chorus is unforgiving!
    So Good (feat. bülow) - Whethan 2:39

  • Conquer the Move | In Your Eyes

    We're starting 2021 off with a bang with this one! But some things never change and in Power that means you can always pick any level at any time.

    In Your Eyes (feat. Alida) [LUM!X Remix] - Robin Schulz

  • Conquer the Move | Levitating

    Levitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix) feat. Madonna and Missy Elliott - Dua Dipa

    We're working the obliques in a variety of ways in this lengthly ab track, so sing along to help you power through!

  • Conquer the Move | Whoppa

    Whoppa (feat. Sofia Reyes & Farina) by Tinie Tempah
    This one is fun, a little sexy, and gets the heart rate up without coming down to the ground! Whoppa!

  • Conquer the Move | Backpack

    POWER Suggested Song: Backpack - Tag & Pitbull
    It's almost Halloween so I'm going to borrow (and tweak) a line from one of my favorite movies, The Shining: "All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl." This one is definitely playful...and a little freaky ;-).

  • Conquer the Move | Together

    TOGETHER (R3HAB Remix) [feat. Tori Kelly] - for KING & COUNTRY & Kirk Franklin
    I love the uplifting feel and message of this song so much...especially now, during these trying times. "Together we are dangerous. Together with our differences. Together we are bolder, braver, stronger."

  • Conquer the Move | How You Like That

    How You Like That - BLACKPINK 3:01
    Apparently I can't get enough of BLACKPINK 😂. Keep it simple with the options in this one and get comfortable doing whichever one works best for you before playing around with the next level.

  • Conquer the Move | Hey Baby

    Hey Baby (feat. Gia Koka) - Imanbek & Afrojack
    This warm up is fun, a little sexy, and even has options for how much cardio you want right off the bat!

  • Conquer the Move| Drown

    Our new Cardio Track is uplifting and challenging, with lots of options to move through as we get stronger over the next 10 weeks!

  • Conquer the Move | Feeling Good

    Feeling Good by Sofi Tukker
    This one is dedicated to all the felines who have joined us for Power in our homes! #catpower ;-) Each move flows into the next, so hopefully it feels intuitive once you get the choreography down.